Man broke into hotel room and stole $2,000 worth of watches

2021-11-13 07:13:56 By : Mr. Henry Wang

A man tricked a hotel worker into giving him a key to a room he did not stay in. Then he robbed the people who lived there.

Collier County Sheriff’s deputy said that what happened in a hotel on September 15 shouldn’t have happened at all. A clerk got a man's room key without checking his ID. This is a major damage to the safety and security of every guest.

Rich Kolko is a safety and security expert at WINK News. "Hotels are very interested in your safety. This is very important to their business, so of course they have a set of rules and agreements that they should follow. They want all employees to follow. In this case, if they fail to identify They made a mistake by handing the key to someone in the context of identity," Corco said.

CCSO representatives arrested Thomas James White after using the room key to steal four watches worth nearly $2,000 and a checkbook.

Safety and security expert Rich Kolko provided tips on what we should do every time we stay in a hotel room. "Set up the room so you know where things are. When you are in a hotel room, the rubber door stopper is actually the best thing you can have," Corco said.

He also recommends using the safety latch on the door when you leave the room so that no one can open the door. In addition, if you leave the room, please do not leave your valuables. But turn on your TV. The noise is often enough to keep people away.

You can usually buy rubber door plugs for less than $10.

Thomas James White may face charges of major theft and burglary.

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