Am I a good middleman? Am I deaf? Restraining your enthusiasm has given me 21 years of social anxiety

2021-11-13 07:14:03 By : Mr. Jackie Joo

"Suppress Your Enthusiasm" must be the only sitcom that can be broadcast for 21 years and is still getting better.

So far, any other long-running comedy will become predictable and formulaic, but Larry David has avoided annoying pranks and slogans (I haven’t heard him say "beautiful, beautiful, very good" for many years. ) And allow his character to develop a natural relationship for a long time, rather than settle down comfortably-he often interacts with his ex-wife Cheryl and their same group of friends (friends who are still alive anyway).

The exploration of getting old (David is now 74 years old) has no simple stereotypes, but just another lens through which to satirize other people's behaviors.

In the first episode of season 11, currently in the sky comedy on Monday night, he walked into a glass door, and his girlfriend Liu Yuling suddenly felt that he was old and didn't want to have sex with him anymore.

The arc of the other episode revolves around the sanctity of "stage 4" cancer wisdom: Larry and his friends in Los Angeles agree that anyone at that stage of life is in an oracle-like position and must Follow any suggestions they make.

The main plot of this season is David being blackmailed. He found a body in his swimming pool. If he followed Santa Monica's regulations and installed a fence around the swimming pool, he could have prevented drowning.

He is now being blackmailed by the victim’s brother. He is the owner of a local Mexican tortilla shop. He agrees not to prosecute as long as David is hysterical and dangerous for him in the new series "Young Larry" he is developing. The gifted daughter starred. So David voted for her and tried to spoil his own performance.

For a comedy that is so dependent on whether we are willing to offend, as the show develops, "awakening" and "cancellation culture" may obviously be rich material. But the nod to political correctness is only subtle (note the trophy hunting photos in the Netflix office where he has been promoting his new show).

On the contrary, it is impressive that most of the obstacles that Larry is facing now are eternal. I used to think that the most primitive thing about this show was Larry's rejection of Western social norms. Now I think it is actually how many of those rules have not been stated. He paid attention, censorship and naming.

Last week, I slammed onto the sofa and turned the person across—and their wine—turning upside down. "You fell!" I have to admit: I did plop, just like Susie did to the victim Larry in the first episode of this series.

Stacey Solomon's BBC1 show "Organize Your Life" forced me to face why I insist on being messy

Thanks to him, I began to wonder whether I was suffering from "door deafness" and whether I would alienate others, which is why I have a very low rating on Uber.

I have insomnia and want to know if I am a good "middleman"-in other words, do I have the skills to handle middle position responsibilities and direct the conversation on both sides of the table at a dinner party? Or is it better for me to leave it to a more optimistic person, sit aside and be guided?

In 2021, none of these dilemmas are more relevant than in 2000, when the show started, but I had never thought about it before. David introduced the concept of "stop and chat" in 2001-do you wave or smile to acquaintances on the street, or do you have to chat? – Makes me afraid of them in my adult life.

In 2004, he complained about the loss of elasticity in the cuffs, and I have never rolled up my sleeves since. Since 2009, I have never put down the cup, and I have been thinking: "Do you respect wood?"

This is what suppressing your enthusiasm does: implant deep social anxiety that will never leave.

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